8 Tips for Traveling or Eating Out!

8 Tips for Traveling or Eating Out!

by Dr. Morgan Camp M.D. admin


So, you’ve been doing great:  you’ve tapered off sodas, you’re eating your protein breakfast, increased your veggies, you are losing weight, but now, you must attend some social engagements or maybe you have family travel plans where you MUST eat out!
No worries, we’ve got strategies for these expected life joys!  All you can do is do your best!  Nobody’s perfect, especially while traveling on the road or out of the country.   But you don’t have to gain weight!

Travel and Restaurant Strategies for Success!

  1. Find the chicken or beef or salmon salad!  Almost every restaurant these days has a meat or salmon salad.  It’s perfect!  Lots of veggies, some protein, just tell them to hold the bread!
  2. Drink your water!   Following our water protocol will keep you on track!  Avoid juice and sodas at all costs!  Keep yourself well hydrated:  cheating will be less tempting and gaining weight will be less likely!
  3. Get a cooler!  If you are taking the kids to a soccer meet or taking yourself to the beach, bring a cooler full of healthy snacks.  Nuts, celery, carrots and hummus, berries, apples and almond butter.  Bring whatever veggies you will eat raw.  Gluten free crackers and organic cheese, avocado and meat!  Sparkling water with some lemon wedges!  You won’t have to go hungry!  It may not be a perfect food day, but it won’t be a ruined day either!
  4. When traveling long term, you should have the goal that you will cheat on only 1 meal per day.  We understand that when you travel to a different part of the country or world, food is part of the travel experience.  Our common goal is for you to at least maintain, and possibly lose!  Your strategy is to have 2 meals out of 3 that align with the protocol.  Ideally, breakfast should not be a cheat!  Starting out the day with some protein and healthy fats should be easy to do wherever you are and is the most important meal to get right!  Next, pick either lunch or dinner where you will stick with our protocol and then loosen up for the 3rd.    Maybe there are some traveling days where every meal is in perfect alignment, but that is probably not realistic to expect everyday.  To avoid weight gain while traveling, focus on 2 perfect meals out of 3, and you should be able to maintain your weight, and possibly lose!
  5. The Taqueria Strategy!  Mexican or other latin cuisine does not have to ruin your diet!  In fact, it can almost totally align with our protocol!  Choose 1-2 soft tacos, preferably with corn tortillas (a cheat, but its better then eating wheat!), your choice of meat and beans, add salsa, skip the rice, cheese and sour cream, but add LOADS of guacamole or fresh avocado and lettuce!  Avoid the chips and any flour tortillas, rice or dairy!  Another great option is to get a Carne Asada or other meat “plate”, only do not get the tortillas or rice, say yes to the beans of your choice, any veggies they offer, add salsa and avocado and no one will even know you are on a diet!   Delicious and mostly following our protocol.
  6. The Thai Food Strategy!  Thai restaurants are often a great choice if you are meeting friends for lunch, are on a date, or taking the family out for something different. Thai cuisine features tons of vegetables! They often have dishes cooked with coconut milk with healthy fat in them, so definitely choose those soups and curries that feature coconut milk.  Just avoid the rice, or at least keep your rice portion to a minimum, and you will be eating loads of veggies, healthy fats and some protein!
  7. Say Yes to your health!   Don’t forget to inspire yourself with encouragement and kind words.  Do not underestimate the power of saying silently to yourself that you will say “yes” to your body and health, and order healthy food choices.  Fitting into that dress or those jeans will be worth it!  Keep your eyes on the prize and say “yes” to your health and happiness!
  8. Stay Positive!  You can DO this!  Keep positive!  Winners keep pushing through failures!  Do NOT give up over one indulgence!  There is always the next meal or day to get it right!  You can do it!


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