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Inflammation: The Reason You Cant Lose Weight That Nobody Talks About

Inflammation is a critical part of your body’s immune response, designed to keep you healthy. Everybody has experienced the inflammatory swelling and redness when you get a cut or a bug bite that is important for protecting your body against pathogens and trauma. However, there is also inflammation that you can’t see going on inside your body causing you to gain weight.
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Pregnenolone: Skinny Stress Support

Many people in our society are extremely busy and have lots of stress. Whether it is due to a demanding job, a hectic school schedule, family responsibilities, the list goes on; chronic stress wreaks havoc on our bodies. This stress stands in the way of many people trying to lose weight. Emotional frustration adds to stress only making the problem worse. This vicious cycle is familiar to so many of us, and fortunately there is something that can be done about it. Aside from taking care of our bodies with proper nutrition and regular exercise it is important to treat the hormonal imbalance occurring in our bodies as a result of this chronic stress. At san franskinny we recommend the supplement pregnenolone to our patients whose chronic stress is inhibiting their ability to lose weight.

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Metabolic Hormones 101: Why Balance is Key for Long Term Weight Loss

Digestion is a complicated process. There are many hormones that are important for regulating digestion and metabolism. Balancing these metabolic hormones is critical for successful long term weight loss. Knowing why the diet is designed to balance metabolic hormones will help you stick with it and become a fat burner. Below we describe a few important metabolic hormones and why they are crucial for weight loss.

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The Science of Weight Loss in our Program

Being overweight is not a moral failure, it’s a complex problem with many physical and emotional factors. Current science shows clearly that balancing specific metabolic hormones and reducing overall inflammation in the body are both critical to long term weight loss success. Additionally, these two components impact your risk for every chronic disease process including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Our bodies are programmed to crave fats, sugars, and calorie-dense foods to create reservoirs of fuel (fat) for “just in case”. Our bodies think of fat as money in the bank. Convincing your body to use stockpiled fuel (fat) requires a multidirectional approach that creates the correct internal conditions for fat loss. Weight loss is not only about calorie counting anymore, but more about creating the correct hormonal chemistry for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism to occur. We like to say: “Weight loss is not a math problem (caloric intake) but a chemistry problem (hormone balancing).” Balancing hormones such as insulin, leptin, and cortisol creates the perfect environment to transition your body from sugar/glycogen/carb burners to fat burners. In addition, our diet will help boost your metabolism to avoid the low calorie/ lower metabolism trap.

Reducing inflammation is a second key component to weight loss. Recent studies suggest that continuous weight gain is the result of a feedback loop of inflammation. High levels of fat and imbalanced metabolic hormones puts your body in a state of stress. When that happens your immune system kicks into action and increases inflammation. This inflammation and stress causes your body to store more fat, continuing the cycle. If we can create a favorable environment, or, again, chemistry, for reducing inflammation, weight loss and fat burning ensues.

Habit Transformation Counseling

Making changes to your lifestyle can seem daunting but we are here to help! Our specialists are trained to coach you through this process and help you succeed. Through personalized guidance and neuro and behavioral science methods, we can help you to create a lifestyle that generates the results you want, in a way that you can live with and maintain for the long term.
Throw out your antiquated low calorie and low fat diets that lead to “yo-yo” weight loss and weight gain. Come to and learn an innovative approach to weight loss backed by modern science!

weight loss centers teach the most current scientifically based lifestyle, diet, and exercise advice in healthy weight loss. Our program is in consensus with some of the most cutting edge weight loss gurus such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jack Kruse, and Dr. Mercola. We are proud to bring innovative weight loss solutions to you.

Our weight loss program has two main components that make it so successful:
1) Our innovative diet
2) Personalized habit transformation coaching. Our diet incorporates cutting edge science to formulate your body into a fat burning machine. We work with you at your pace to create a fat-burning lifestyle that works for you.