Getting OFF Soda: Why and How

Getting OFF Soda: Why and How

by Dr. Morgan Camp M.D. admin


Soda drinking is one of the biggest hurdles patients face when it comes to losing weight. Soda drinkers face higher obesity rates than other groups, a much higher risk of heart attack, and have a more difficult time losing weight. Sodas impact every body system in a negative way making good health and longevity difficult.

Diet soda drinkers don’t get off easy either! Studies show much higher incidence of obesity and cardiovascular problems for men and women who have merely 1-2 or more diet sodas per day.

We have found that for many patients, dropping their soda intake alone will bring on great weight loss! We have seen obese patients who made no other lifestyle changes their first month except drop the soda, and have seen weight losses from 4-10 pounds!

What are you waiting for?

Common Health Problems Related to Soda Drinking

    • Obesity and weight gain (500% increased risk with diet sodas)
    • Bloating, water retention and PMS
    • Osteoperosis (weakening bones)
    • Increased risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease
    • Muscle loss
    • Increased belly size and adipose tissue (diet soda drinkers too!)
    • Poor liver function leading to increased cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Hormonal disruptions including infertility, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and some reproductive cancers due to the BPA chemical (bisphenol A) found in soda cans
    • Decreased Kidney function (particularly from DIET sodas)
    • Increased inflammation and DNA damage from the chemicals leading to cell damage throughout the body
    • Increased dental decay as the chemicals in both regular and diet soda remove your natural enamel and rot the teeth.
    • Increased fatigue and lethargy

Sounds terrible, right?

How to Quit!

Congratulations on choosing to say YES to your health and well being by choosing to quit sodas! You will soon feel much better and improve your chances of rapid weight loss and good health.

So, how do you do it?

TAPER down!

Going cold turkey off sodas can cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, irritability, and even nausea. No fun!

In fact, sodas are a regular, down-right addiction for people, whether it’s the caffeine, the sugar, or simply the routine habit or the flavor. Have some compassion for yourself. Avoid problems and withdrawal symptoms by tapering down at a slow pace!

The more you drink every day, the slower your taper should be.

So, for an example, let’s say you drink 6 sodas per day. This is actually very common. You would start by dropping to 4 per day for the first week, then drop by one can per day per week. So the second week of your taper you would have only 3 sodas per day. Week 3, you would have only 2 sodas per day. Within 4-5 weeks, you will be down to zero!

If you drink 1-2 sodas per day, the taper can go much faster. Drop the amount in half and taper down over 2-4 weeks.


Replacing a bad habit is the best way to give it up! Very few people can quit one habit without taking on another.

Replacing sodas with healthier drink options is the key. If you like the bubbles, try sparkling water with lemon or lime wedges, or kombucha: healthy bubble drink alternatives! If you don’t care about the bubbles, but just like sipping on something, find any herbal tea or green tea you will enjoy. Drink anything as a replacement that does not have chemicals or artificial sweeteners and you will be on the right track!

You can do it! We are already proud of you!

You will feel so much better soon! You WILL experience less bloating, decreased sugar cravings, more energy, and the weight will start coming off much easier!

Quit your soda drinking today and lose those pounds!

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