Healthy Recipe for Weight Loss and Immune Support

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Healthy Recipe for Weight Loss and Immune Support

by Dr. Morgan Camp M.D. admin


Healthy Recipe for Weight Loss and Immune Support

This light vegetable soup is great to have around in the wintertime. The hearty vegetables will fill you up and keep you satisfied, and the broth is great to sip on throughout the day. This is a healthy recipe for weight loss because all of the ingredients contain beneficial vitamins and nutrients.Ginger in particular has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a beneficial treatment for many inflammatory diseases, and is ideal in all diet recipes as it may improve symptoms related to cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. In addition, ginger appears to have beneficial effects on insulin release and action, and improved carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, thus potentially lowering insulin resistance. Ginger is thought to have a positive effect on preventing diabetes and reversing diabetes because it inhibits carbohydrate metabolism, increases insulin release and sensitivity, and improves lipid profiles. On top of all that ginger is thought to boost metabolism by increasing thermogenesis, or heat production, in your body. Supplementing with ginger may help to counteract the decrease in metabolism that often occurs with weight loss.Curcumin is another spice that has been shown to have a beneficial effect on weight loss, the active ingredient in turmeric. Turmeric is included in many healthy recipes for weight loss because it has been shown to reverse insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and other inflammatory symptoms associated with obesity and metabolic disorders.

  • Author: Morgan Camp


3 carrots, peeled

1 medium/large sweet white onion, peeled

1 medium/large leek, peeled; use white and pale green parts, discard dark green or leafy parts

1 baby bok choy

2 medium or 1 large sweet potatoes or yams, it is not necessary to peel them

8 ounces white mushrooms, stems removed and quartered

juice of 1 medium/large lemon

2 to 3-inch piece peeled fresh ginger, added whole and removed midway through simmering (1 tbsp. ground ginger may be substituted)

2 to 3 tbsp. coconut oil

1 Tbsp. ground turmeric

1 Tbsp. ground black pepper

Salt to taste; add before, during, or after simmering 6 quarts water, or to nearly the top of your pot, leaving about 1-inch headspace


  1. Cut the carrots, onion, leek, bok choy, and sweet potatoes or yams into one inch chunks
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a large stock pot
  3. Fill the pot with water, leaving about one inch of space at the top
  4. Simmer on the stove for one hour
  5. Taste soup and remove ginger when the desired intensity of the ginger flavor has been reached.
  6. Continue to simmer soup for about 90-120 minutes, until the vegetables are soft.
  7. Add water as needed if the broth level looks too low

Serve. Can separate some of the broth and set aside to drink as desired.

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