“Yo-yo” weight loss and gain is the most common problem facing people who want to lose weight.  Unfortunately, the quick weight loss people crave from low calorie/low fat diets is often followed by weight gain that includes packing on more pounds than the original weight.   Thousands of dieters around the country end up more overweight every year from these types of crash diet plans.   If you have experienced this very common “yo-yo” weight pattern, san franskinny has a long term solution for you.

Fad Diets and Negative Health ConsequencesThe first strategy to end “yo-yo” weight gain is to stop participating in fad diets.  Gaining more weight after an extreme diet plan is common.  Worse, many cardiologists and health experts agree that diets such as extreme detox plans or excessive low calorie diets especially when combined with intense exercise regimens when not medically supervised can be dangerous.  Extreme fad diets and deprivation diet plans can have serious consequences on your health and well being that include:

  • Heart muscle loss
  • Heart arrhythmias
  • A rise in Triglycerides
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Burning through muscle instead of fat
  • Slowing of your metabolism

Reducing your muscle mass (instead of fat), slowing your metabolism, and injuring your heart muscle are probably not your goals when instituting a low calorie diet. However, these problems are real concerns.  Deprivation and starvation rarely work for long-term success, and often lead to binge eating behaviors.

The Solution Is at san franskinnyThe solution to “yo-yo” weight gain is to institute lifestyle changes that work for you in the long term!  At san franskinny, we have modern scientifically based information that will change how you feel and think about your “diet.”  We are trained to help you implement changes at a pace you can manage in your busy life.   Providing innovative weight loss strategies and tools almost anyone can follow is our specialty.   Stop the “yo-yo” weight gain cycle:  come in and see us today!