The Amazing Benefits of Walking

The Amazing Benefits of Walking

by Dr. Morgan Camp M.D. admin


Walking is the most down played strategy of any health and fitness exercise! It’s easy, cheap, and adds loads of health benefits!

While everyone knows that you’ve got to start exercising for general good health and weight loss, many people lose motivation to get started by imagining the worst: that they must endure long, difficult work-outs that take up their limited time and energy.

The good news for all of you is that long, tedious work-outs are simply NOT required to get your weight loss plan moving. Simple walking right out your front door is actually the perfect exercise to kick off your weight loss plan

Skip the stress with thoughts of spending hours of time you don’t have at the gym and let’s look at the reasons why walking should be your kick off sport! Here are your top 8 reasons to start walking today!

1) Available Anywhere: Walking is wonderful because it is instantly available. Wherever you are—work, home, vacation, City or Countryside—you can walk! No need for gym machines or special equipment. Just put on some comfortable shoes and walk out that door! No other exercise on Earth is so flexible and available at all times.

2) Doesn’t Cost A Dime: Walking is also a fabulous idea because it will cost you virtually nothing! No sign up fees, no class prices or schedules, and, again, no special equipment. The only investment is your time!

3) Fitness Without the Risk Of Injury: Many of you haven’t been doing any regular physical activity for awhile. There is a real risk of injury to joints, tendons, and the spine when people start out running right away or hitting the weight room without warming up their fitness level. Walking is actually the perfect way to start out and build some strength and reflexes prior to ramping up your fitness plan. Walking uses the large muscle groups that help improve your metabolism, slowly builds cardiovascular fitness, and gets those joints and muscles moving again without the risk of major injuries.

4) Reduce Your Risk of Cancer: Research over decades has shown the protective effects against cancer from a simple walking program! One research study found that simply getting 150 minutes per week of walking was enough to slash your breast cancer risk. The same preventative effects of walking were found for men with prostate cancer.

5) Improve Your Mood and Sleep: Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Not sleeping so well? Walking may be just the ticket for improving both. A study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine in 2013 evaluated over 25 research abstracts suggested that even low level activity like walking was a surprisingly good prevention strategy for depression. Sleep disorders are also improved by regular low intensity walking. The key appears to be regular walking, so follow our advice and strive for 3-5 walking sessions per week!

6) Improve Memory and Cognitive Health: That’s right! The evidence is clear. Simple walking will help keep your brain working properly. Multiple research studies find walking to improve positivity, memory, and the ability to problem solve.

7) Improve Your Sex Life: Yes, it’s true, walking can even improve your sex life. Sex is an important aspect of health and well-being. One international study found exercise to improve every aspect of sex–from attraction levels to orgasm-ability just by following a regular walking schedule.

8) Lose the Weight: We saved the best reason for last! Walking, of course, will start moving those pounds. No gym fees, no special equipment necessary, reduce your risk of almost every disease and LOSE WEIGHT!

Exercise is most definitely a part of the program, but it doesn’t have to take over your schedule or cause you lots of stress. Get walking today, normalize your hormones, lose weight, improve your memory and your mood, boost your sex life, and lose the weight!

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