The Pitfalls of Pre-made Meal Plans

The Pitfalls of Pre-made Meal Plans

by Dr. Morgan Camp M.D. admin


Ready-made weight loss meal plans are an alluring option for the busy individuals looking to shed some weight but who may not have the time or know-how to prepare their own healthy balanced meals. There are a few benefits to using these plans for weight loss and management, however there are many more drawbacks. These convenient plans turn out to be the downfall of many struggling to keep weight off long term.

The Convenience

Pre-made, ready to ship meals are typically flash frozen, sometimes fresh, low calorie, low fat meals delivered weekly that you eat every day for almost every meal. Many people love the convenience of not having to spend time shopping and preparing food. In our fast-paced society it can be hard to find time to prepare each meal, making fast food a convenient go to. However, everybody knows that fast food is unhealthy and is the one of the causes of the rising obesity rates in America. The main benefits of pre-made diet meals is they come right to you, so they do not take a lot of time, and by providing all the food you eat in a day they help you avoid the temptation of the diet-spoilers that we all love so much.

Long Term Expense and Pitfalls of Pre-made Meals

While this all sounds great so far, there are many drawbacks. First is that they are best suited for individuals, so for people with families or for people who like to entertain not having food to serve poses a problem. In addition, the astronomical cost makes these programs unsustainable for many people. The average cost of pre made food programs is over $700 per month per person, more than double what the average person spends on one month of groceries. Most people can not keep up with these prices and need to stop. Because these programs do not teach about healthy eating, cooking, and portion control many people find that when they stop them they are ill-equipped to continue eating correctly and often regain the weight they worked so hard to lose.

The Real Long Term Solution is Both Affordable and Sustainable

At san franskinny we have created a weight loss program based on modern science that includes whole foods full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, proteins, and low glycemic foods that do not spike blood sugar levels. We not only work with you to help you make small changes that will add up to large, sustainable weight loss over time, but we are there throughout the process, with delicious recipes, exercise tips, and much more. We value our ability to serve a wide variety of people from multiple income classes, racial groups, and both genders. We don’t just want you to lose weight we want you to never have to lose weight again!

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