Why is San Franskinny the Premier Weight Loss Clinic in San Francisco / The Bay Area?

San Franskinny is the Premier weight loss clinic in San Francisco and the Bay Area for those seeking rapid weight loss that is safe, effective, and long lasting.  San franskinny is a medical weight loss clinic, supervised by expert weight loss doctors, to insure your long-term weight loss success. Our goal at San Franskinny is to be the best medical weight loss clinic  based on modern, up-to-date scientific advances.

Liberate yourself from ever worrying about losing weight again, and experience long-term weight management at san franskinny.

The Skinny on our Weight Loss Clinic:

Diet: Our diet is Anti-Inflammatory, Whole Food Based, Tasty, and Nutritious. We include a Diet plan including meal plans for dining out or healthy weight loss recipes for home.

Weight Loss Shots: We supply you with virtually painless vitamin shots that will increase your metabolism and help transform you into a Fat Burner.

Habit Transformation: Our expert weight loss doctors and naturopaths will guide you through our levels of changing those old eating habits to create long term success for you and your loved ones who follow your eating example with slow and steady encouragement. We understand that losing weight and keeping it off takes several steps and attempts free from judgment or shame.

Functional Medicine: San Franskinny was founded by Dr, Morgan Camp, an expert and pioneer in functional medicine and integrative medicine.  We specialize in repairing the underlying causes of weight gain such as insulin resistance, inflammation, etc.

FDA Approved Medications (Optional): These weight loss medications include Phentermine and Phendimetrazine.

Modern Exercise Modules: Our exercise modules will help you get lean in as little as 10 minutes 3 times per week and are optional for the first few months of our program.

Your initial San Franskinny Weight Loss Clinic Visit:

During your initial appointment at our San Francisco weight loss clinic, you will meet with a licensed weight loss Doctor who will review your health history, your weight loss program goals, and get you started on a weight management program tailored specifically for your personal weight loss success. This appointment includes:

✓ A focused physical exam

Body composition analysis including body fat percentage with the Inbody 320 state of the art Body Composition Analyzer

✓ Healthy Diet with Meal Plans and Recipes

✓ Beginning exercises for fat loss and muscle retention

✓ Habit Transformation Counseling to help you prioritize lifestyle changes at an acceptable pace

Weekly B12 injections for one month. (You may upgrade to other weight loss shots such as Lipo Shots for an additional fee)

✓ Weekly Weigh In’s and Q and A sessions with your weight loss doctor.

**Prescription medications and supplements, if prescribed, will be an additional fee.

Follow-Up Visits at San Franskinny Weight Loss Clinic

Monthly Visits with No Contract to Sign: We do not require weekly visits after the first month, and our  weight loss program will not overwhelm your busy schedule.  However, if you would like a weekly weigh-in at our clinic, you may drop in anytime and we will be happy to weigh you and encourage you at no charge between monthly paid visits.

Easy to Follow Levels and Modules that Simplify Weight loss

Medical Supervision by a weight loss doctor, nurse practitioner, or naturopathic doctor, all of whom are at our weight loss clinic.

Healthy Eating for Life with continued Meal Plan and Recipes

Discounted Products and Services as a reward for your weight loss success via our Skinny Rewards Program

Check us out online, see our reviews, and Call us if you have any questions or Click the Book Now Button for a No Obligation First Appointment where your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.