Weight Loss Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions


What Differentiates San Franskinny and your expert weight loss doctor team from other weight loss clinics?

The San Franskinny Program addresses all the key components for weight loss including:

Physician Supervised: You will be under the care of a licensed weight loss doctor, nurse practitioner, or licensed naturopathic doctor at all times. Our physicians are experts in weight loss, functional medicine, and bring you the most modern and advanced principles for healthy weight loss.

Nutritional Education: The weight loss doctor that you see is also an expert in nutrition, natural medicine, and our program is designed to help you learn to eat healthier, to change your eating habits and to improve the meals that you prepare and serve not only for your health, but also the health of your family.

Habit Transformation: We use habit transformation counseling to help you prioritize and implement lifestyle changes at an appropriate pace for you.

Exercise: The San Franskinny exercise modules that your weight loss doctor will share with you are cutting edge and give you the maximum benefit in only 10 minutes of exercise three times per week.

How does San Franskinny’s Cost compare to that of the competitors?

Our costs are drastically lower than the competitors who offer the same level of service that we provide. At $125 per month, we are nearly 75% less expensive than Jumpstart MD and over 50% less than California Medical Weight Management.

How often do I have to see the San Franskinny Weight Loss Doctor?

Our Program is designed for you to come in every 30 days after the first month. During the first month, we give you FREE B12 Shots weekly and of course, it is vest if you come in for those.

What else does your Weight Loss Doctor Team Do?

Custom Vitamins Formulated just for San Franskinny including treatments for

  • Stress
  • Bloating and Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Weight Loss Shots

B12 Injections

Weekly Emails to Educate, Inspire, Offer Discounts, and Keep you on track

Does San Franskinny’s Weight Loss Doctor Team Accept My Insurance?

We do not accept any insurance. We can give you forms for reimbursement from your insurance. You can also use your Health Savings Account Fund to pay for your office visit or medications.

Do you accept HSA Programs/Health Savings Accounts?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I get Weight Loss Shots or B12 Injections from your weight loss doctor even if I am not a patient?

Yes, absolutely. Just click the Book Now Button and schedule your Initial Weight Loss Shot Appointment. You can discuss the exact injection type that you prefer when you come into the clinic with your weight loss doctor.

Do I have to be extremely overweight to consider participating in the San Franskinny program? What if I only need to lose 10–15 pounds?

The San Franskinny program is not only for people who are extremely overweight or obese. Any person who is unhappy with or feels unhealthy due to their weight can benefit from our program. The only rule is that you have to fit certain legal criterion to be prescribed Prescription appetite suppressants, but other than that everything else is available to you from our great injections, exercise modules, nutrition modules, and coaching.

Are your weight loss programs safe if I have diabetes or any other medical condition?

Our Unique program at San Franskinny is not only safe for you if you have diabetes, but it may actually slow down or reverse the progression of diabetes as well as other medical problems. Our weight loss doctor experts are here to help you overcome Diabetes and other chronic diseases and get back to enjoying your life.

What kind of side effects can I expect from doing your program?

There are minimal side effects associated with our medically supervised weight loss program though some patients do experience dry mouth, increased thirst and mild sleep disturbances at the beginning of the program.

Why is your program so much less expensive than the competitors’?

We keep our costs down by only opening a few days a week, and our appointments are less lengthy, saving you precious time.

We supplement office visits with educational emails, and videos that you are required to read each week. Sweat not though, as each one is only a few minutes long.

What all is included in the Initial Visit with your Weight Loss Doctor?

  • Physical Exam
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Healthy Diet with Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Beginning exercises for fat loss and muscle retention
  • Habit Transformation Counseling to help you prioritize lifestyle changes at an acceptable pace
  • Weekly B12 injections for one month
  • Weekly Weigh In’s and Q and A sessions with your weight loss doctor.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Losing weight is dependent on many factors including body fat percentage, gender, and how fast you can implement our strategies. Results are variable. However, 1-2 pounds per week is almost always achievable with our program. In many cases, patients lose much more.