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Our B12 Shots Will Help You:

Burn Fat

Our programs don’t encourage muscle loss due to low-calorie diets. Instead our diet, vitamin injections, and exercise modules encourage fat burning and muscle retention.

Get More Energy

The fat that is burned is used to power the rest of your body including your muscles, organs and brain.


Get rid of all major toxins from pesticides, xenoestrogens to pesticides that we ingest through our food and breathe.

Healthier Heart

A healthier heart comes from making our cells work more efficiently with our diet and exercise.

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Will B12 Shots Work For You?

Weight Loss is very complex as each of us are unique individuals and may have unique reasons for the weight gain in the first place. This is one of the reason’s why it is so confusing for patients, nutritionists, dieticians, and even most physicians.

The fact of the matter is, many of us are missing the vitamins for weight loss that are essential to long term weight loss, health, and the feeling of an abundance of energy and vitality.


B12 Shots are ideal for people who have:

 High Consumption of Processed Foods 

High Stress Lifestyle

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Poor Digestive Absorption

Poor Food Supply 

Poor Vitamin Choices

We Only Recommend B12 Shots That Will Work For You


This is the least expensive and also often the least effective form of B12. It is inactive and requires several steps to be activated inside the body and it also releases a very low dose of cyanide into your body.


This is an inactive form also, however it is easily activated and is long acting. Therefore injections of Hydroxycobalamin tend to last longer than other types of B12 shots.


This is the active form of B12 and therefore for some people may have the most benefit. It is very effective for relieving depression and fatigue and treating B12 Deficiency

Why Do Lipo Shots Work Faster?

Lipo is short for Lipotropic, which means, “fat-burning”. These injections also include B12 as an ingredient that is administered as a shot. Weight loss shots are composed of many vitamins and nutrients that all work synergistically together to increase our metabolism.

When b12 shots are combined with a sensible, low-glycemic diet, and exercise, the results can be fast and dramatic and without side effects that can come with other weight loss products and supplements.