Lipo Shot

What is a Lipo Shot or Lipo Injection?

A Lipo shot or Lipo Injection is a vitamin and nutrient injection that increases “fat-burning” by stimulating the natural pathways in your body for fat burning. These pathways for fat burning become sluggish or stop all together under the following conditions:

B Vitamin Deficiencies: Due to a variety of conditions, some genetic, some environmental, and some acquired due to lifestyle.

Elevated Cortisol: High Cortisol causes fat to accumulate rapidly all over the body, but especially around the belly. This leads to high blood sugar and higher insulin levels.

High Blood Sugar/High Insulin: This is Pre-diabetes basically and pre-diabetes shuts off fat burning and causes the opposite, fat storing.


How does a Lipo Shot for Weight Loss or Lipo Injection work? What does it do?

✓ Burns Fat: The ingredients in the Lipo Shot stimulate the furnaces inside of each of our cells, called the mitochondria to burn more energy.

✓ Boosts Metabolism: As we burn more fat, our metabolism increases. This means that the amount of calories we burn WHILE RESTING actually increases.

✓ Increases Energy: As we burn more calories and our mitochondria become more efficient, that energy has to go somewhere right? It fuels our brain, our muscles, etc and yes, we often will feel an improved quality of life as well.

✓ Assists Detoxification of Dangerous Toxins and Chemicals stored in your fat cells: The nutrients in the Lipo Injection help you get rid of poisons and toxins from your body. This helps make your weight loss easier with less anxiety, and ups and downs.

✓ Lowers Appetite Naturally: The increased energy we noted above leads to a natural decline in hunger and the need to eat.

What is a Lipo Shot or Lipo Injection with MIC?

MIC is simply an acronym for the following nutrients that are added to most Lipotropic injections:

  • M: Methionine: an essential amino acid, is a major fat burning compound in humans. Methionine helps deactivate dangerous estrogens, and prevent blockage of fat metabolism and liver cirrhosis.
  • I: Inositol: helps to transport fats in the blood system. Inositol also aids in redistribution of body fat and helps lower cholesterol levels by mobilizing it. Inositol also participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, shown to relieve depression, appetite and mood panic attacks.
  • C: Choline: an important nutrient for healthy support of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and liver systems. It works in combination with Inositol for essential fat metabolism. Normal choline production may not be adequate to meet daily metabolic needs, especially during weight loss when there is more body fat to be broken down.

What are all of the ingredients in the Lipo Shot at San Franskinny?

Please read our extensive information here : Weight Loss Shots | Lipo Shots Overview

Why should I come into san franskinny for a Lipo Shot or Lipo Injection?

The Vitamins and nutrients in Lipo shots are a key component in our custom weight loss program at san franskinny. These weight loss shots assist you in burning fat, while making you feel energized and great. They help lower the moodiness, the cravings, and the ups and downs that are usually associated with weight loss. If you are in San Francisco, or the surrounding East Bay or Bay Area, drop in and experience them for yourself.

How do I make an Appointment for a Lipo Shot?

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